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Taché Metal, table lamp complete with a fabric cable, switch and UK plug


The Metal Line by Taché features a cylindrical E27 metal lamp holder and is completed by our SnakeBis, the ready-to-use wiring harness that includes a fabric cable, bulb, plug, and switch.

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Creative, modern, and ingenious: this is the table lamp born from the encounter between Taché, the original light bulb holder created by designer Fabrizio Alessio, and our ready-to-use wiring Snakebis. Taché is inspired by one of the most beloved objects of the design world: the paper clip, patented by William Middlebrook in 1899, which reproduces simplicity and elegance.

Just as the paper clip staples sheets, Taché’s super-light structure can pinch the globe of any G125 bulb, leaving it suspended and in view.
Taché consists of two mirrored arms with an aluminium wire frame covered with a sleeve of our cable fabric and two elegant Made in Italy wooden feet. As well as having a decorative function, the sleeve also protects the surface of the lamp.

Technical Specification:

Taché, bulb holder with Snakebis:
Taché arm made of coated aluminium wire:
-Diameter: 7mm
-Length: 90mm
-Height: 245mm
-Beech wood feet:
-Diameter: 15mm
-Length: 90mm
-Hole: 7.5mm
-2 metres of 2 x 0.75 IMQ-HAR certified cable
-Matching Taché coating – Snakebis cable:
-RZ11 Turquoise – RM11
-RZ26 Zig Zag Dark grey – RM26
-RX05 Pixel Green – RM01
-RM04 Black – RM04
-RT41 3D Stars – RZ04
-E27 cylindrical metal lamp holder: 42 x 62 mm
-Single-pole torpedo switch: 80 x 18 mm
-Plug and switch colours: white or black according to the selected finish
-UK plug
-Taché is manufactured in Italy


Black and White with Zig Zag cable, Black with Black cable, Green with White cable, White Blue with Turquoise cable, Zig Zag Dark Grey with Dark Grey cable


With Bulb, Without Bulb