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Posaluce Butterfly Metal Table Lamp with UK plug


Posaluce is a very versatile wooden table lamp: you can use it to illuminate your nightstand, or your desk or you can use it to have an extra light in that cozy corner of your living room.

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There’s always light at the end of the tunnel but with the metal Posaluce table lamp the whole tunnel will light up! Choose the Posaluce finish that you prefer from the 3 available ones (or, why not, choose them all!), connect the cable to the plug and… no more darkness!

You can purchase the metal Posaluce with dimmer to regulate the light intensity based on your needs. Easy, no?

Technical Specification:

Table lamp Posaluce Butterfly metal:

-Diameter: 12 cm
-Height: 8,5 cm
-Fitting: E27 – Max 77 W
-CE Certificate
-Metal cup and E27 smooth lamp holder
-UK plug


Finish Brushed Bronze, Finish Brushed Copper, Finish Brushed Titanium

Switch / Dimmer

Switch, Dimmer