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LED Transparent Light Bulb – Globe G95 Long Filament 4W Decorative Vintage 2200K


The particularly warm light temperature (2200K) and its long filaments contribute to giving a vintage feel to the emanating light.



The 95 mm Vintage Globe bulb is designed with a LED filament that is twice as long as its predecessor: this way, you will obtain a greater distribution of light intensity, whilst having less glare as a side effect, making it perfect for all installations that leave the bulb visible.
The temperature of this particularly warm light (2200K) further contributes to giving a vintage touch to the filaments.
Eco-friendly and ornamental, the Vintage Globe bulb will render your installations unique.

Technical Specifications:

-Consumption: 4W
-Returns: 400 lumen
-Fitting: E27
-Energy class: F
-Width: 95mm
-Height: 140mm
-RA: >80
-Aperture Beam: 360°
-Time to reach maximum light intensity: 0 seconds
-Light Colour: 2200K.

ATTENTION: to properly dim an LED bulb, a specific dimmer or the latest generation of universal dimmers is required.

Our bulbs with straight filament can work with all DIMMERS (TRIA or IGBT), while for curved filament bulbs, IGBT dimming is highly recommended.